Ureckon Open School Challenge

URECKON is an annual technological and entrepreneurial festival organized by the students of UNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT(KOLKATA). URECKON was first held in 2017, and has since grown into one of the most influential technical festivals in kolkata. The festival will be held for two days 23rd and 24th of February, attracting participants from every corner of the country as well as from abroad.

URECKON OPEN SCHOOL CHALLENGE is an excellent platform for young minds to participate in the field of science and explore beyond the old and rusty school books. there will be several competitions organized especially for them which includes model making……… which will not only be interresting for these budding minds but will also ensure them with lucrative prizes!

Our mission is to strengthen and cultivate the talent of our school students at the grassroots level, which serves our sole motive. Through a series of events, it seeks to provide school students a platform to gain fundamental experience and knowledge, to exercise coordination skills, and to think out of the box while providing solutions never thought before.